CoolFire – A dynamic piece of firefighting kit

With instructors and maintenance staff trained on the use and servicing of CoolFire, the high pressure cutting and extinguisher technology will go live at the College in the coming months.

CoolFire cuts through building materials using a mixture of cutting abrasive and water to gain access to the fire compartment without introducing oxygen into it. Having pierced the building CoolFire creates a water mist inside, suppressing and reducing the fire, cooling and condensing fire gases and quickly reducing the temperature to allow safe entry. This technology has been specifically developed to meet firefighters’ varied needs, most importantly to make their job safer by eliminating the risk of back draught and to increase firefighting performance.

Robin Whittington, Training Delivery Manager said “CoolFire is a dynamic piece of firefighting kit and we are looking at various applications across our training. We are developing a new course specifically in the use of CoolFire for launch later this year. It will be used to augment courses such as Fire Behaviour Training Instructor, Tactical Ventilation Instructor and Industrial Fire Team Member courses to name a few, but Coolfire will be integrated into the majority of our compartment firefighting courses.

We also see Coolfire as having a place in our Incident Command Level 1 course. This course exposes aspiring Initial Incident Commanders to a range of operational scenarios in both simulated and practical environments. Coolfire can be used to suppress a fire before putting a crew in, allowing Incident Commanders to establish a safe system of working without putting crews at risk. Additionally, Coolfire is already being used by the College and Angus Fire to undertake systematic research into its use in different scenarios, particularly wind driven, basement and public transport fires.”

To find out more about Coolfire click here


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