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International Breathing Apparatus Instructors

Course overview and learning outcomes

The International Breathing Apparatus Instructor course, employs a blended learning approach to enable trainers to develop their skills to deliver breathing apparatus training and assess this training against measurable, objective criteria. It is designed to equip those aspiring to, or selected for, the role of a Breathing Apparatus Trainer within their organisation, with the technical and practical skill sets required to develop a structured approach to planning and delivering a wide variety of breathing apparatus training. It is also important, for even the most experienced breathing apparatus trainer to refresh their training delivery skills to ensure effective transfer of learning, and this course has the primary objective of encouraging self-assessment in order to reinforce the trainer's generic skills.

The course will also provide a solid grounding in the leadership skills and management behaviours required to train at Watch and Station Level and will progressively challenge learners to apply these skills in a range of situations. After successful completion of the course, learners will have the knowledge and understanding to underpin the skills necessary to enable effective management of breathing apparatus training relevant to their role.

The course now incorporates the 'Fire & Rescue Authority Operational Guidance; Breathing Apparatus- January 2014'

Topics will include:

  • BA procedures and equipment
  • Physiology of respiration
  • Heat and humidity
  • Confined spaces
  • Principles of safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Training and exercise planning

Course aim:

  • To provide learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding required to devise and deliver training on the technical aspects and operational use and procedures of breathing apparatus (BA).

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the use of a breathing apparatus (BA) set and ancillary equipment
  • Understand the safety procedures relating to BA instruction
  • Understand the effects of the BA instruction environment
  • Understand how to facilitate BA sessions
  • Be able to plan breathing apparatus (BA) practical sessions
  • Be able to facilitate practical BA sessions
  • Be able to lead familiarisation with breathing apparatus (BA) set and ancillary equipment
  • Be able to debrief those involved in the BA session

Who should attend and key benefits

The International Breathing Apparatus Trainer Course is aimed at personnel who have completed a teaching or training qualification, are competent Breathing Apparatus wearers and are about to take up a position or who are responsible for the design and delivery of Breathing Apparatus training, within their organisation.

Are able to use technology appropriately to support learning and are fit for operational duties in accordance with your organisational requirements.

How is the course assessed and accredited?

The course is assessed against the learning outcomes throughout, using practical observation, which is underpinned by technical and practical instructional skill assessments, which will assess the learners' ability to prepare and deliver a presentation of 15 minutes duration on a Breathing Apparatus related subject. In addition learners will be assessed on their ability to create, plan and conduct, safe and meaningful breathing apparatus exercises including live fire training sessions.

The learner`s individual Learner Performance Report (LPR) details performance in each area.

Dates and prices

For further information or to make a booking on this course please contact the Business Development Team on 01608 812984 or email

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