Intro to BS9999

Course overview and learning outcomes


The aim of this course is to provide the more experienced fire safety practitioner with a working knowledge of BS9999, the intermediate guidance between Approved Documents B and BS7974 fire engineering for new structures or upgrading existing buildings.

Topics covered will include:

  • RSET v ASET - time based analysis 
  • Risk profiling - occupancy characteristics, creating the risk profile, variation of risk profile
  • Minimum fire protection measures
  • Additional measures & their limits - sprinklers, AFD, ceiling height
  • Levels of management 
  • Evacuation strategies & merging flows
  • Ventilation factors effecting levels of fire resistance & time equivalence
  • Functional design freedoms - recommendations for disabled & other vulnerable groups
  • Options for a flexible design approach

After successful completion of the course, delegates will:

  • Have an awareness of the approach taken to building design within BS 9999  
  • Be able to evaluate, in accordance with BS 9999 guidance, fire safety design submissions in connection with building control body /fire authority consultations and to make recommendations where appropriate
  • Be able to apply risk  assessment techniques to determine the extent of structural fire protection
  • Be able to identify limitations in the design a building
  • Be able to assess a building's design during a Fire Safety Order audit 

Who should attend and key benefits

The course is designed for Fire & Rescue Service personnel (notably fire safety officers & fire investigation officers), local authority building control officers, approved inspectors, fire safety managers, fire engineers and architects.

Typically these roles will:

Have responsibility for advising on methods for achieving fire protection appropriate to the assessed fire risk within existing, proposed or altered premises
audit & advise on fire risk assessment in buildings course entry criteria delegates should be engaged in a fire safety role, e.g. in commerce, industry or in local authority fire brigades, and have an understanding of the Building Regulations Approved Document B prior to attending this course.

The course ensures fire safety practitioners have a strong working knowledge of BS9999 and are able to apply it appropriately back in service. Delegates will have an opportunity to practise their skills and knowledge in a realistic training environment, and receive expert feedback on their performance.

How is the course assessed and accredited?

This course is assessed against the learning outcomes using written tests. A certificate of attendance is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the course which qualifies for guided learning hours.


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