Firefighter 1 Challenge

Course overview and learning outcomes

This course tests individual and team skills and knowledge against the current NFPA 1001 standards. The Firefighter 1 Challenge Programme is an intensive one-week course focusing on the fundamental skills that learners require to safely attend operational incidents. The course builds on developing the self-discipline, confidence, resilience and adaptability of the learners to underpin their first steps to a successful career. Those who successfully pass the Challenge programme will receive NFPA 1001 FF1 accreditation.

At the end of the course, learners will have demonstrated that they are able to: 

  • Operate fire department communications equipment
  • Operate fire station telephone and intercom equipment 
  • Operate radio equipment and discriminate between routine and emergency traffic
  • Transport and operate hand and power tools and to force entry through doors
  • Operate as a team member in vision-obscured conditions
  • Carry ladders, raise ladders 
  • Recognise inherent hazards related to the material's configuration
  • Use SCBA to exit through restricted passages
  • Transport and operate ventilation tools and equipment and ladders
  • Deploy and operate an attack line 
  • Operate portable fire extinguishers
  • Operate department power supply and lighting equipment
  • Identify utility control devices
  • Hoist tools using specific knots based on the type of tool 

Please be aware that this course is designed to test and assess a learners pre-existing knowledge and does not provide additional training.

Who should attend and key benefits

This course is designed for experienced firefighters who wish to obtain the NFPA 1001 qualification. Learners must be experienced in performing the role of a firefighter as a member of a civil or industrial fire service and will have attended a formal firefighter training programme to do so. This course offers learners who wish to work within organisations who require the NFPA 1001 qualification the opportunity to map their existing skills and experience against the standards contained within 1001.

How is the course assessed and accredited?

The course follows a robust and vigorous assessment process incorporating:

  • Observations and practical skill assessments on core firefighter skills throughout the programme carried out against specific assessment criteria.
  • Verbal assessment through regular Q&A sessions, 1:1 reviews and professional discussions
  • A series of written subject matter assessments
  • All assessment are mapped against the NFPA 1001 FF1 standard

Two attempts per skill station are permitted at the initial skills exam. Candidates are permitted one retest opportunity. If the candidate fails to pass either the previously failed skill station or the additional random skill station, then the challenge process ends.

In the event of an examination failure, all learners are entitled to re-sit the examination once. In the event that any learner fails to reach the required standard as laid out above, they will not receive any certification.


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Dates and prices

12/08/2019 - 16/08/2019

£2999.00 +VAT

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