Predictive Temperature Device Evaluation


 The College has signed an agreement to be an Evaluation Partner with STS Defence for FiRST, its innovative predictive temperature device. A simple and robust wearable technology, FiRST is designed to warn firefighters of dangerous escalations in temperatures, thereby giving them more time to decide on appropriate action. STS Defence are specialists in mission-critical communications and intelligent systems and operates in the defence, emergency service, marine and nuclear sectors.

FiRST is a simple and robust wearable technology that employs artificial intelligence to accurately predict increases in temperature. Through its advanced machine-learning algorithms, FiRST has been "taught” to predict increases in temperature derived from live firefighting in the UK and US.

The ambient temperature surrounding the firefighter is sampled continuously using a thermocouple mounted on the device worn at shoulder level. The historical temperature samples are used to project the temperature data points over the next 30 seconds. The projections are further classified to determine the probability of temperatures exceeding thresholds of 150 and 300 deg. C, for a precautionary and full alarm respectively, pre-determined from firefighter feedback and the science of PPE degradation.

Ted O’Brien, Head of Learning and Development, at the College said “The safety of firefighters is paramount. As the home of firefighter development, we are delighted to be working with STS Defence as Evaluation Partners in the further development of the world’s first predictive temperature alarm.”

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