Oil Rig

Learning how to tackle complex oil fires

Our oil rig has been specially designed in a block configuration incorporating a number of different levels.  These include accommodation and work areas which are interlinked to simulate a real oil rig. The rig has been built with a silo and helicopter-pad enabling it to be used to practise a range of different fire and rig incidents involving liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and oil fires, as well as chemical and radiation leaks.

In addition to the rig being used as an advanced firefighting training facility, it is also used to assess incident and trauma management capabilities of learners and organisations.

The rig provides excellent training for incident commanders due to its complex layout and the realistic hazards associated with these environments. The combination of state of the art LPG rigs that operate from on top of this facility, we can set up highly realistic carbonaceous burns inside the rig, as well as large oil tray burns on the outside. This enables us to build a broad number of scenarios which can demonstrate how fire can spread throughout an oil rig which can lead to the rapid escalation of the incident, leading to the creation of a real challenge to the emergency responders. 

Many industrial firefighting teams utilise our oil rig as it is an excellent replica of the industrial environment in which they normally operate.

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