Learners discover life in the fast line at the College on our very own motorway – the M96. Our M96 motorway is a realistic four-lane motorway (although a lot shorter than a real one). It’s a superb amenity.

We use this unique facility to train a broad range of learners from across the Blue Light emergency responder sector. We can provide a realistic hands-on experience in the management techniques and practical skills needed to deal with large-scale traffic collisions and spillages.  Incorporating a wide range of vehicle types – lorries, cars, buses, for instance we can simulate realistic and complex scenarios. 

The M96 facility is regularly used to train helicopter emergency personnel and newly qualified paramedics, as well as fire and rescue service personnel in multi-agency exercises. The motorway has the capacity to run several incidents at one time. It can be used by any agency that works in the road industry and would like to train in a safe realistic way. Due to its size, as well as the fact that it is a life size replica of the real thing,  emergency service responders can work together or ‘interoperably’ in a safe environment to resolve multi-agency incident without putting themselves at unnecessary risk and without causing any disruption to major road routes.

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