International emergency prevention and response

Worldwide training capability

Our expert instructors can deliver training anywhere in the world, as well as from our UK base in Moreton-in-Marsh. We have delivered training across numerous countries including Sweden, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Trinidad and Tobago, Malaysia and the Middle East region. However, many overseas learners choose to come to Moreton-in-Marsh for the experience of living and learning abroad, as well as for the unique facilities offered by our specialist incident ground.

Diverse training for different types of emergency responders

We provide an extremely diverse range of training to meet the specific requirements of all emergency service responders worldwide. We cater for professionals from industry as well as Category 2 responders (Utilities and Transport) and other public sector organisations.

Emergency responders across a wide spectrum of commercial and public sector clients globally draw on our dedicated training services. Our instructors are current serving fire officers seconded from individual fire and rescue services across the UK. Like our visiting lecturers, they are experts in their chosen fields. We are proud of our world-renowned brand and reputation for supporting our customers locally, nationally and internationally. Our first-class training is designed to equip them in their roles to help save lives.

Our portfolio of courses, unique incident ground and the professional expertise of our instructional staff ensure that we deliver the highest standards of realistic and effective emergency response training. From firefighter foundation courses to large scale multi-agency national resilience exercises, we can set up a training experience that is second to none.

Tailored to you

Why not let us create a tailored training solution for you?

We provide consultancy services to our clients to assist with the quality assurance of their existing training. Our experience and expertise offers a unique blend of workplace theory and practical exercises incorporating many key aspects of emergency response.

Meeting the needs of overseas learners

We know how important it is for learners attending courses from overseas to feel completely at ease and enjoy their stay. Once you have decided to book a course with us, we work closely with you to ensure we fully understand your needs and expectations before we work out the detailed day-to-day running of the course.  We are adept at meeting cultural, religious and dietary requirements and try very hard to be as flexible as possible in all that we do.

Working with you

We can work with you in a number of ways. Here are just a few of them:

  • Book onto one of our approved courses – there’s a long list, from basic training to complex Urban Search and Rescue scenarios and Incident Command covering initial to strategic level
  • Let us design a tailored training programme – tell us what your specific requirements are and we can develop a course to meet them
  • Ask us about our local and regional courses – they can be designed to meet your budget, timescales or facilities
  • Want to become more interoperable? We run multi-agency exercises and can arrange for you to work collaboratively with your colleagues
  • Need accreditation? We can also help with the accreditation of national and international standards
  • Use our incident ground and facilities for your own training and development purposes

Provision of translation services available.


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