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Fire Risk Assessment Training

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Prevention and Protection

Fire prevention and protection training provides sector-appropriate qualifications. Courses are aimed at those in a variety of fire safety roles in fire, health and safety, business continuity and environmental protection sectors. Learners will develop an underpinning level of knowledge and skills to enhance their ability as practitioners that fundamentally supports the UK’s better regulation agenda. The qualification and course materials used are from a variety of sector partners and sources enabling content to be current and relevant. 

Learning and developing with the College enables individuals to help make buildings safe, achieve compliance or test compliance with fire standards throughout the full life cycle of a building, with special emphasis on the ethos of supporting UK business development and growth. 

Our quality assurance process ensures that assessment activity and the evidence that learners are responsible for providing is valid, reliable, sufficient and authentic. 

We are pleased to offer a flexible approach to delivery, so our courses and trainers can, in many circumstances, be
delivered offsite at a venue of your choosing. This enables you to make cost effective choices.

Download our Prevention and Protection brochure

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