The College upgrades its digital learning experience

The College is pleased to announce the upcoming adoption of a new learning management system (LMS), Tessello, which aims to bring big improvements to our assessment and delivery capabilities.
Tessello is an awarding winning, digital learning platform which has been purpose-built by our sister company, Brightwave, to change the traditional LMS experience for the better.

Ted O’Brien, Director of Product and Quality, said, “The College’s move to a new, industry-leading LMS demonstrates the continued investment in its products and services as well as the commitment to providing outstanding training to learners.

“Upgrading to a more collaborative, digital learning experience will enable learners to interact with their peers and tutors far more easily, stimulating discussion and developing ideas.”


Why tessello?
The College chose Tessello for its range of innovative features and functionality, which are designed to provide rich, tailored experiences for the learner whatever the training context may be.

Tessello aims to improve the learning process in a number of areas, including:

Accessibility - By moving to an online system, the College is not only able to reduce its reliance on paper but is also able to provide a system which can be accessed at a time and place to suit learners. The web-based platform can be accessed on any PC, phone or tablet, which has an active internet connection.

Interaction - Keeping conversations flowing between tutors and learners outside of the classroom can often prove to be difficult and disjointed. By using Tessello, learners will have multiple opportunities throughout their training to ask questions using the various touchpoints they will have with tutors.

Collaboration - Working together and sharing ideas with like-minded peers can often produce ingenious results, and this shouldn't stop once learners leave the classroom. Using the systems various message boards and forums, learners will be able to network, discuss assignments and collaborate long after they have left the College site.

Reporting – Tessello will allow the College to run detailed reports and analytics on how users are using the system and their learning patterns, meaning changes to processes and course content can be made with the learner journey in mind.


When will it be available?
Due for launch in January 2020, Tessello will be rolled out across our suite of Incident Command courses during its initial release, with the rest of the College’s course portfolio following in batches throughout the year.

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