Year 5 Pupils learn to Firefight!

“Best trip ever!”

Children from Balsall Common Primary School, Coventry have been on a very special trip. They were given a hands-on tour of the College.

Steve Skarratt, Head of Prevention and Protection Training, was the tour guide for the day along with Justin Thorn, Head of Operational Training. The children started the tour in the classroom learning some of the dos and don’ts of fire. They then moved onto the simulation suite to put some of their new found skills into practice by being an incident commander and directing a fire crew.

The children experienced first-hand just how difficult it is to control a simple house fire and how the Fire Service need to coordinate with other emergency services. The highlight of the day was a tour of the incident ground to see the training facilities. Lastly, as part of the tour, the children had a practical test. They had to set-up the fire hose, extract water from a reservoir and spray the hose as if in a real life situation. Despite it being cold, windy and spitting with rain, the children threw themselves into the task with real energy and enthusiasm.

Miss Bains, their class teacher says “This was a fantastic, energetic trip with lots of valuable learning! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty. They didn’t want to leave, especially after riding around in the fire engine!”

Howard Rose, Director of Funding & Publicity says “This was a fantastic trip; I have to thank Steve, Justin and everyone at the Fire Service College for allowing us to visit their site. The children loved it, were willing to learn, try new things and really engaged.”

Feedback from the children was that this was the “best trip ever!”.

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