Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service RTC training day at the FSC


Saturday the 18th of February brought crews from Pebworth, Pershore, Upton and Kidderminster to the Fire Service College to take part in a variety of realistic RTC training exercises involving live casualties and authentic scenarios.

Instructors and students from the Droitwich Youth Firefighters Association (YFA) played a key part in acting as casualties as well as Police and Ambulance crews.

Over the course of the day, Incident Commanders both existing and in training were forced to take control and deal with a number of complex incidents.

Crew members gave positive feedback on the College’s ability to deliver such realistic scenarios using its range of facilities on site including wooded areas, railway crossings and roundabouts.

Incident 1

Upton were the 1st pump in attendance arriving to find a car upside down in a ditch with a car on all four wheels against the tailgate preventing access from the rear. Pebworth acted as the 2nd pump.


Incident 2

Pebworth were 1st pump with Upton supporting them. The scenario was a car having left the road and come to rest against a tree on its side, with its roof against the tree. The 2nd car involved on all four wheels pinning the 1st car against the tree.


Incident 3

Kidderminster 1st appliance with Pershore as support. 1 car was pushed under a train by HGV on level crossing. 2 persons trapped.


Incident 4

Pershore 1st appliance with Kidderminster supporting. Scenario involved a car travelling around a roundabout in the wrong direction, colliding head on with another small vehicle trapping a motorcyclist between them.

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