Industrial B

Our flexible facility equips firefighters with the skills and knowledge needed in both factory and industry settings

Our industrial facility is one of the most flexible of our training areas. We use it to simulate some of the key challenges faced by firefighters when working in a factory or industrial setting. It features a factory complex, complete with a boiler room in the basement, as well as a linked building that contains living accommodation. There is also a realistic take-away food retail outlet (chip shop with frying range) where we simulate hot fat fires.   

Trainees use the industrial facility in many different ways depending on the needs, experience and expertise of the attending crews and officers. This building is much utilised and can replicate various types of incident including fires in industrial retail units and hazardous material incidents. The basement can provide a challenging incident for crews to deal with due to the heat barrier that must be crossed to gain access to the basement to extinguish the fire. The basement has a foam inlet adapter which can be utilised during a basement fire scenario. This building has been utilised by Military, Police, Paramedics and film crews in recent years, its large open areas on each floor lend themselves to flexible scenario building. 

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